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Regardless of your process we can help you reach your goals

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Do you have equipment specifications or need support for a variety of controls?  That's not a problem for us:

  •  Rockwell Automation

  • Siemens TIA

  • Emerson

  • Direct Logic

  • Productivity

  • and many others

Process Development, Panel Build, Installation, Project Management

Car Factory

We are available 24/7 for emergency calls

Recent Project:

Ammonia Flash Freezing Process:

Project included a control system upgrade from SLC500 Allen Bradley to Siemens S7 PLC with remote capabilities (ipad's, tablets & smart phones).  The original system had no alarm functions which caused extensive downtime during a failure.  The new system includes stack-lights to indicate process stage and alarms.  We added user accounts and a live operation log with timestamps giving the management department a birds-eye view of the process.  

"We went from pushbuttons to Ipad's!  Thank you NR Innovations.



Outdated PLC & Controls

Old hardware & no wire labels/schematics is a recipe for disaster and costly downtime

NEW plate freezer panel.JPG

Clean & Simple

New controls coupled with a simple layout (UL standards) which includes wire labels and schematics equal little to no downtime 

Do your panels look like this?

With us they could look like this!

unnamed (1).jpg


newer panels.jpg

Ammonia Compressors & Energy Efficiency

Cutting energy cost is a big deal for everyone especially those who chill their products.  We have a unique way to reduce energy consumption of ammonia compressors.  Unlike OEM systems which monitor compressor pressure our method is redundant and fail safe.  Our system can be implemented with very little interruption to your process and at half the cost of the OEM's

Our system has cut the energy cost associated with operating ammonia compressors by 25% during heavy operation


HMI's (Human Machine Interface)

HMI's are becoming an absolute must have for efficient manufacturing in almost every industry.  NR Innovations can help you with:

-merging from old push-button system to HMI touchscreens

-HMI program development

-SCADA system for plant wide data collection

-DCS for simplified process control at multiple locations in your plant

-remote process control using smart phones, tablets and ipads


industry worker
part0 (1).jpg

IP and NEMA rated HMI's for every  environment

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