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N.R. Innovations

NR Innovations has its humble beginnings in agricultural wastewater.  Mr. Durwood Nelson Renfrow (founder) spent years pioneering agricultural irrigation and wastewater treatment systems.  Throughout his years Mr. Renfrow utilized belt-presses, screw-presses, DAF's, inclined dewatering belts, rotary fan separators and many others in a variety of applications.  These technologies always fell short in one area or another which led to a frustration with the lack of innovation available in the wastewater industry.  It was this frustration and a whole lot of prayer that led to the development of N.R. Innovations patented Nelway separator.  The Nelway separator is very unique in how it operates and this is what sets it apart from anything else you can find on the market today.    

Mr. Renfrow's faith & love for our Lord Jesus is what established us.  


John 3:16

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N.R. Innovations:
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